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These high pressure cleaners are for both professional and industrial use, with an operating pressure of 200 to 1,000 bar. There are also numerous options and accessories available to make the cleaning job even easier.

DiBO High Pressure Power Systems

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Do you want a mobile trailer-mounted hot water high-pressure cleaner for a wide range of cleaning activities? DiBO is the place to go. Contemporary high-pressure trailers, brimming with modern technology and with an aerodynamic design. The high technology heating installation, the intercooling system and automatic stopping procedure are inextricably bound with DiBO’s green philosophy. The finishing touch is autonomous operation thanks to its own power source, so the high-pressure trailer also gets the most difficult work done in places without electricity. The ideal solution for your cleaning jobs.

The fitted high-pressure unit from DiBO is simple to integrate in a lorry, van or trailer. A mobile high-pressure cleaner digitally operated with a joystick and fitted with an automatic stop system and GreenBoiler. Even heavy industrial cleaning becomes child's play.

Quality and power combined in an ultra-compact hot water high-pressure cleaner with its own power source and autonomous operation. This skid can be used as a stationary or mobile unit in a vehicle as desired, and is fitted with the latest green technologies. The advantages are numerous: fuel savings, highly versatile, optimal user-friendliness and so much more.

Mobile high-pressure cleaners tailored to your needs

Innovation is our middle name. Because with the DiBO trailer-mounted mobile high-pressure cleaner you get the latest technological innovations in your armoury: GreenBoiler, track-and-trace system and digital operation with joystick. And this can be as a trailer, fitted unit or skid. It’s up to you.

Do you have a specific request? DiBO will join you in building a mobile high-pressure cleaner tailored to your specific needs. The material is durable and has unprecedented strength.

That’s why it has to be a DiBO high-pressure trailer!

  • The latest technology, track & trace, digital operation
  • Radial pump in each machine
  • Environmentally friendly burner boilers with high performance
  • Unprecedented power and performance in all working conditions
  • Our experts guide you from A to Z
  • Only durable materials (stainless steel, rotational moulded polyethylene, etc.)
  • Personalized products fully in line with your wishes
  • Simple and clear to operate

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